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I was 16 when I lost my virgintiy and he was 21. I have a nice body 36 D boobs, curvy figure, and a nice ass (a bit big but tight) Anyway during my summer I volunteered at my high school to tutor a math class.

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Next door was another math tutor his name was Sean. I didn’t really talk to him but I enjoyed every moment when I did. One day he told me he wanted some “help” with making a final exam for his class. I didn’t really want to help him but I did. We were in his class and we got to talking and I found out he was 21, I told him I was 16 but he didn’t mind. When we were finished he asked for my number I gave it to him and ever since that day he text me EVERYDAY! A few times we texted about having sex and what he explained he would do to me got me sooooo WET!!! But I always refused to send pictures. Then after the first month we began dating. He even met my parents. When I started my senior year he picked me up everyday and loved my school uniform which was a skirt that is blue and white with a blue shirt. Then one day he didn’t pick me up so I went home and when I was getting ready to change my uniform he came up behind me. He began to kiss my neck and rub my pussy through my skirt. I could feel myself getting warm and a strong heartbeat down there.

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Slowly he began to drag his hand up my skirt and pull down my thong. Just then my mom came in and said she was leaving I was so embarrassed. Then he tried to continue but I wasn’t feeling it anymore. He then turn me around and lifted my up and sat me on my desk. I wrapped my legs around him and he caressed my ass. We made out passionately. Once I started to get wet he felt it and I could feel the bulge in his pants get hard. Again he picked me up and took me to my bed. I sat on top of him slowly dry humping him. As I did that he began to unbutton my shirt and tried to remove my bra. Once he got it off he played with my breasts and sucked on them. I rubbed his cock and knew I wanted it deep in me. I then got enough courage to remove his clothes while he took off my thong. Once he did I was nice and wet and he slipped a condom on. He then shoved his 7in cock in me, I felt no pain. Soon some blood ran down my leg and when it stopped he took the condom off. I then began to give him head. I first swirled my tounge around his cock to get a taste and then took it all in my mouth and slid it in and out until he came. I never given head before. When I was done he started to finger me with my skirt still on. Each time he put his finger in a little deeper and went a little faster, he also played with my clit and rubbed my boobs with the other hand.

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Then he began to eat me out and soon had his tounge in my hot pussy. We were soon doing 69! After that he told me to be a good girl and get on my knees to suck and lick his nuts and cock. He told me to swallow his entire cock whole when I did he pulled my hair back and made me gag on it. He then got me up and kissed me. I was then in his arm and he carried me while sucking my boobs and fingering me slowly. He then had me against the wall kissing me then he slid his hard cock in my tight wet pussy fucking me hard. When came together and then we were on the bed again. He fucked me side ways really fast and hard then he took out his cock and had me suck on it again he came in my mouth. He then flipped me over and tore of my skirt and put some lubricant on his cock and slowly put it in my ass, he kept going in a little more, while I was hanging out to the pole of the crying, screaming, and moaning deeply. While in my ass he licked and kissed my neck.

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Then he pulled my hair and asked who’s my daddy. He came in my ass and then had me suck him off again. Right before he almost came he put his cock in my pussy and blew his load. After he did me doggy style for about 10 minutes until we came. We relaxed for a while on the couch in my room. I was on his lap with his cock buried deep in my pussy while I kissed him. His cock was still hard but he couldn’t come anymore. This entire thing lasted for 2 hours. I was so sore!!

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Innocent-looking Katara rides a cock of her best Avatar friend in a passionate cartoon porn video. Everybody knows sweet cuties from Avatar but only thanks to the horniest fans the whole world can enjoy cartoon porn video with naughty Katara and her tight pussy and big boobs in leading roles.
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Horny Danny Phantom chicks reveal their passion for cartoon porn videos and spanking pleasures. Danny Phantom shoots a cartoon porn video with two sexy and almost naked sluts trying out spanking games. Kinky sluts do not forget to spice the action with passionate and intimate massage.
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Jessica Rabbit showing of her skills. There can be no dispute that Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of the finest babes in cartoons of all times, if not the hottest of all times. Check her out in this incredible gonzo hardcore scene as she takes her man’s dick inside her mouth and gives it one wild slobbering blowjob.

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You can see her boobs fly around as she really gets into it, sucking that rabbit cock like there is no tomorrow. You also get to see her delicious pink pussy as she squats to suck. See it all!

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We can all agree that the babe from Mulan (Mulan?) is one of the finest babes ever drawn and animated. We always wanted to see her tight Asian snatch stretched to limits with some rocket-like cock or the next best thing. Well, we are giving her to you in this gonzo scene just like you wanted.

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She toys that tight, shaven slit of hers with some firework dildo that is heated for that extra pleasure. And there’s nothing wrong with Eddy Murphy popping out her pink asshole. He’s a nice guy, and he used to be funny. It’s all fun.

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Meet our new virgin model – Maria Ivanovna. She is from a small Ukrainian village and working on a farm. Her photos and video have been made by our Ukrainian partner exclusively for our web-site.

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Mom from Dexter’s Lab was always a silent favorite, a babe who was never in the top 5, but a milf that we all wanted to see get fucked at some point. It’s her personality; we all figured she would be a beast in the bed, with red pubes and those gloves. And we were right, just look at this crazy gonzo scene of her getting fucked like she deserves.

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Watch her get incredible amounts of pleasure from that cock. Watch her milf face and body light up when she gets that dick deep inside her. A great scene.

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If you’re fed up with those boring ass cartoon pictures that are usually nowhere near the real cartoons, and if you’re not taking nothing less than best from your cartoon porn, then this website is the place for you. We offer the hottes, finest babes, like Betty here getting freaky.

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We all know that Betty is the hotter chick in the Flintstones and she finally proves it by giving Fred that blowjob he waited for all those years. And Barney is a true pal, holding Betty’s head and making her give his pal all that she’s got, sucking-wise.

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Get your perverted hands on hottest Simpson porn ever made! We’ve paid attention to details so you won’t even notice the difference between our cartoons and regular ones, except all the steaming hot cartoon sex, of course! Bart is in his teens and it’s about time he got some pussy and Lisa too is looking like she could have her love hole explored! Check out how hot Marge gets when she lets loose and starts sucking and licking on two cartoon cocks at once.

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And Homer is getting more pussy then a veterinarian, check out his little adventures with the female staff of the power plant in hot Simpson porn scenes.

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Here orgasm two nasty pantyhose harlots Emilia and Sheila and they won’t stop til they’re both cumming adore banshees and that means one of Them has a dildo or strapon somewhere. They are so turned on by their steaming pussy aroma that they go wild with passion and engage in the most outrageous raunchy lesbian office fucking you’ve ever seen. These nasty, fresh lesbos get into a marathon session of drooling bumpers tunnel eating and squeezing their tits until they’re both awash in their own hot cunt juices..